Little White Dog Book

For 16 years, Obie has captured the hearts of children and adults through his kindness towards others. Little White God illustrates the love of God for us simply through a little white dog.

This sweet story, helps kids to see themselves from God’s perspective. God loves you unconditionally for just being YOU! He desires close relationship and it grieves Him when we wander off. If all we did was just sit at His feet to be near Him, wouldn’t that be enough?
celina westie little white dogYou see, sometimes it’s hard to see just how special we are to those who love us most. Through the eyes of a little white dog, young readers will learn that they don’t have to perform like anyone else to gain unconditional love.
My hope is that as your child falls in love with Obie (just the way he is), that it will cause them to fall in love with themselves too (just the way they are). When your child begins to see themselves as God sees them (illustrated through the eyes of Obie’s mom), they will begin to understand their purpose and destiny here on earth.
If you have been gone for awhile, come back. Your heavenly Father is beckoning you to come back. “Don’t be gone long,” He says.

A big thank you to Angela Formby for capturing Obie’s facial expressions and good nature through these beautiful illustrations!

More About Obie

celina and obieFor 16 years, Obie has captured the hearts of children and adults through his kindness towards others. Some have called him a legend. We call him sweet Papa (among 20 other nicknames.)  Over the years, we have seen Obie make friends with frogs, worms, butterflies, cats, hamsters, turtles, hermit crabs, and has even saved a baby squirrel – even though this type of dog is meant to hunt down rodents. Our sweet friend has also been instrumental at putting every foster kiddo at ease when they visited our home.

You can watch this sweet story unfold in this video.

Our Theme Song | Little White Dog
(Don’t be gone long)

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